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the knowing project

The Knowing Project is a social enterprise based in Melbourne, delivering educational programs that utilize the tools of African music, culture and ancient science to improve social emotional intelligence, enhance wellbeing and resilience. Lamine Sonko established The Knowing Project with co-founder Olive Moynihan in 2012 to bring the transformative power of music to the widest possible audience, to provide visionary education programs, and to inspire positive social change.

The Knowing Project designs and delivers programs for all levels in the education, corporate and community sectors throughout Australia.

research partnerships senegal

WAATO SiiTA is one of Senegal’s most respected music and dance companies pushing the boundaries of traditional West African dance and percussion and drawing on the rich history to develop works that tell stories of life in a country where the ancient and modern collide in enchanting ways.

The company has toured Europe and the US, performing at various festivals including Festival Chambery, Lagarde Festival, Couleurs du Monde Martingues and were the featuring act at BAM Festival of Africa Dance in New York, 2016.


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optimistic art projects

Optimistic Art Projects (oART) is an independent art organisation based in Victoria developing strategies that provide opportunity for artists to pursue creative concepts while also developing their cultural assets for scalability and financial viability. oART’s business model focuses on stabilising artist income during the creative development phase while developing strategies that allow the work to be fully produced, commercially viable and prolific. oART’s has collaborated with Lamine Sonko on a number of projects including the 2017 Afro Frequency tour and is co-producer of 13:12 .