13:12 is a new and innovative cross art-form piece exploring the intersection of music, science and culture. Musically the project pushes boundaries to fuse the styles of West African, contemporary classical and jazz. The work includes 3D projection mapping and 2D animations linked to sound design to make the connection between science+arts +music+maths.

The project goal is to build knowledge and awareness of ancient concepts related to cosmology, mathematics, time and space to create new intercultural experiences that build consciousness and activate harmony.



13:12 explores concepts of cosmology, mathematics and astrophysics through a musical lens.This visionary cross-artform work navigates the intersection of art, science and culture to examine the complex nature of time and space, drawing links between what can be verified through sight and reason and what we sense and feel. Mathematically 13:12 when decoded in various ways calculates 7. In African cosmology 7 is embedded in the basics of music with 7 notes, 7 scales, 7 drum tones. The sabar drum is a key element as it draws on ancient polyrhythms that link astrophysics to patterns in the physical world.

research & Development

13:12 is multi-phased, the first phase was funded by Australia Council for the Arts and included developing new works to present the pilot performance at the Melbourne Recital Centre (2019). The project has longevity and will continue to be developed through multidisciplinary collaborations so the content can be further enriched and informed through cultural and scientific research in West Africa and Australia.

As the project enters its second phase of development the musical arrangements will be extended to a larger canvas, including; orchestra, electronic sound design and choral adaptations informed by an interdisciplinary panel of scientists, new media and sound designers to nurture and amplify 13:12’s purpose. Similarly, practice- based research will be conducted in West Africa with indigenous elders, cosmologists, oral historians and artists.



Lamine Sonko - Artistic Director / Composer

Lamine combines his talent as a composer, multi-instrumentalist and artistic director to provide the creative direction of the project, including research, development, production and presentation. He leverages his unique skill set as an educator and artistic director to mentor musicians formally trained in classical and jazz genres to engage in new learnings from a traditional perspective. Lamine collaborates with artists from multiple art forms and genres to fully develop the work and achieve the artistic vision.

Olive Moynihan - Producer

Olive is the production engine room behind 13.12. As an emerging creative producer, Olive is a natural at orchestrating behind the scenes project activities to seamlessly collaborate with the artistic team so to create high quality art. Her studies in the Arts and anthropology and her creative partnerships have grounded her with a unique understanding of how art needs to be produced and presented to succeed in opening minds and touching hearts. She has been a producer and assistant director of theatre, music and arts shows.

Sophia Kostava - Co-Producer

Sophia Kostava is the founding director of social enterprise start-up 'Optimistic Art Projects' (oART). She works with artists to nurture projects that create optimistic outcomes and ignite societies’ curiosity and well-being. Sophia is a strategist at heart, with a passion for partnering with artists to create cultural assets that are sustainable and have longevity. Sophia has an extensive managerial background in both the commercial and not for profit sectors, specialising in strategy, change and project management. As co-producer of 13:12 Sophia leverages her unique skill set to bring divergent, new ways of thinking to the strategy and creative concepts while also developing ways to commercialise cultural assets for scalability and financial sustainability.

Sue Clark - Research Advisor (Culture, Creativity & Philosophy Of Phenomenology)

Sue Clark has over 55 years of experience in arts & creativity program developments that have spanned across all art forms with cross-disciplinary & relational aesthetics design collaborations with architecture, landscape, contemporary design, phenomenology philosophy, digital technology & new media communications. As Director of The Centre for Cultural Partnerships (2004-2013) at Victorian College of the Arts, Sue developed a series of innovative programs in arts & community leadership including the 'first in Australia' curriculum & courses as Post Grad. + MA Community Cultural Development (2004-2013). The focus of Sue's action research is on intercultural knowledge exchange & the authenticity of specific unique forms of cultural heritage. Sue's research has articulated transformative means of reviving cultural knowledge whilst strengthening intercultural consciousness-raising impacts.



Anita Qualye - Cello

Yacou Mbaye - Sabar / Calabash

Kumar Shome - Guitar

Ayesha Mehta - Piano

Film And Photography

Debajit Banerjee - Co-Director / Production Coordinator / 2nd Camera

Alex Campbell - Co-director / Cinematographer / Editor

Damian Vincenzi - Photography

Partners and Funding

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